Sunday, October 19, 2008

Real-time again

I went for a slightly darker look today. And doing my hair, I realize I want a haircut and bangs.


maicle said...

What kind of bangs are you thinking about, Jimi?

Anonymous said...

Jimi, how do you do your hair? What products, etc?

Gen. Mittens said...

Be careful what you wish for--bangs can be evil (kill puppies kind of evil) and take forever to grow back if you hate them. Remember, hair is slow. Except when it's not.

La Carmina said...

Please check out my BLACK & WHITE glam/goth concert photos of Laverite!

Absolutely stunning show tonight.

LA CARMINA † Gothic Lolita

Anonymous said...

aaaarggghhhh jimi..

*rips out your hair and turns it into a wig**