Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wait for me there and Leaving You (february vers.)

And esteemed Guest in the shoutbox gets two points!

More of the same really. Or, more optimistically, more (Jimi/Tommy/the other guys/whoever you're a bigger fan of)! :D


Anonymous said...

These tf6/th6 pvs don't cease to amaze me..they're great! :D

Anonymous said...

I love the feb version of "wait for me there" better. I think it's the glasses.

shame they made you guys dress up like Poison wannabes.

GNR > Poison

Scatter in Depth said...

I'm so confused O_O.

At this rate I'm never going to keep the video box thingy up to date. D=

Xelyna said...

I liked the other versions better, but I must add that you look stunning as a blondeXD

f said...

I like the Heavenly6 verions better though the February versions have charms of their own.