Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Jimi on the TV on the Internet

Not a single one of you was fooled by my previous entry, were you? :-*
I'd been thinking about that one for months, too! D:
Still it was fun to write, and also wake up to a million emails on my phone, since whenever a comment comes it gets sent to my keitai. :)

Anyway, quite a few people have linked me to the TV performances, so for those of you who missed them, first the one I was in:

That set was not conducive to good shots of me, although since I was merely window dressing and it wasn't really my performance, I don't really mind. :)

Earlier in the show she'd done a song as February:

My friend is the 2nd from the left most of the time, but when they get the letter cards she's holding the first M. She is ridiculously lovely, speaks fluent English, and although we kept meeting up in the hallway to talk we kept getting called away by makeup or wardrobe or, like, having to go to work. Just darling. Also even cuter in normal clothes and no makeup, which is just unfair. I hope we work together again because she just lights up the place and I feel warm merely being in the same room as her. And this is purely in an aesthetic sense.

today is cp rehearsal gah i wish i could tell you guys stuff so bad


sneakglove said...

Is young love blossoming? I hope so, that would be so cool. You sound smitten Jimi ;) Did you get her number?

Anyway, I want to ask you a favour. Please, if you get chance to speak with Tommy again, please send he my best wishes from England, and tell her what wonderful worldwide support she has!! Tell her WE LOVE HER and support her forever. You could also tell her about the forum I run ;) -

Sorry about that. Anyway, good luck with the shoot, and I also wish you could tell us more stuff.

mrvolt said...

And this is purely in an aesthetic sense.

Heheh ~ Just remember that the line of Aestheticism is crossed when bickering takes place (not that Wilde himself could live up to such an ideal). ;-)

Yorozuya said...

High-definition version of Tommy February6 at Music Fair:

You can get a better look at Elec's friend. As Elec said, ridiculously lovely... :)