Saturday, November 21, 2009


-The Office remains awesome, shut up

-The kid that plays Kurt on Glee is from my hometown, and I like the show enough but you know what, I don't know that it deserves to be a whole hour long.

-30 Rock is spectacular. I really do think everyone is amazingly strong.

-On a whim, checked out some Community; haven't heard much about it but I'm enjoying that too.

-Daily Show and Colbert Report I have my minor complaints about, but sometimes they still manage to hit it out of the park.

-Tomorrow is our big Baby the Stars Shine Bright/Alice & The Pirates event, hahaha i will post a picture tomorrow



Go said...

Here's every scene from every episode of The Office:

1. Someone says something inappropriate.
2. Someone else looks at the camera unrealistically for comedic effect.
4. profit

30Rock is enjoyable, I've gotten over my Season 3 ("wee we're critically acclaimed now, lets be cute instead of entertaining!") hate. :)

The problem with Community is that it's only average/adequate, and relies on McHale to make it really good, but he's not the powerful! And i like The Soup way better (way more efficient in its laughs-per-minute ratio).

And my problem with Stewart & Colbert is that they reword & exaggerate opposing opinions to "enhance" the humor, which ruins the inherent humor. They also gloss over key (and legitimate) details that makes 'em guilty of the same crimes as those whom they mock. SO pretty much every beat I'm thinking to myself, "But [Republican congressman] didn't say *that*, he said *this*, which completely undermines the joke you just told."

"Venture Bros" finally got GOOD this season with this episode:

e said...

Modern Family.

Steffany said...

We watch the same shows! lol And Community for me is all about Danny Pudi (Abed)

go said...

@e - saw 1/3 of an episode of Modern Family. Disliked it.

heard it compared to Arrested Development (as another genius series). Dislike it even more now. (Because A.D. was also an overrated, self-consciously hip series.)

liath said...

I'm loving 30Rock - we've got it in the UK too :)