Friday, August 20, 2010

Qs from Anonymous and davygravy

Anonymous asks:

“What happened to the "new" guitarist that apparently became hospitalized? Are you guys looking for 2 guitarist or are you going to go with the setup you got now?”

He went back to his hometown ages ago. The hospitalization wasn’t the only reason we felt it was best he left the band, but health is more important than anything.
We were looking for guitarists for a long time. Maybe we have found someone. Maybe. *wink*

Davygravy asks:
“Hey Jimi! What kind of amps do you guys use? (both guitars and bass) Do you guys use the same equipment on stage and studio?”

Joe uses a Fender twin amp on loan from Velo (ex-Moran), and I use various Ampegs since I don’t own my own yet and that’s what live houses tend to have. I prefer the SVT 3 pro or 4 pro. I find Trace Elliots on the whole a bit easier to work with, however, and still have to do a lot of research. I know surprisingly little about these sorts of things.