Friday, August 20, 2010

Qs from Shizuka

Shizuka asks:

“I`m still curious about the song titles.
I first thought that with Derringer someone misspelled an L for an R again.
But Derringer is also a weapon.
So with Peacemaker you mean the B-36 Peacemaker right?
Does it have a special reason why you've chosen a certain weapon for each single or..
Did you just randomly choose some because they seemed to sound cool?”

All the titles are names of guns. Tenten chose them randomly, I guess because they sounded cool. If you think about it really abstractly, and read our interviews in Shoxx, we are able to link the theme and feel of all the songs with each title, but it was all really just a happy accident. :)

Why we went with guns at all in the first place is evident in the names of the project as a whole. The singles are called
世界を撃った男 (sekai wo utta otoko), which means “The man who shot the world”.
The name of the one-man is,
世界を売った男 (sekai wo utta otoko), which means “The man who sold the world”.
The idea being, we hit your heart with the songs, and then we sell them back to you at the one-man. Sort of. We just liked the homophonic play at work. :-P