Friday, August 20, 2010

Qs from Mizuha & Badymaru

Mizuha (& Badymaru) asks:

“I want to know who sings in the bonus tracks of the singles. :D”

We get this question so much, and we are baffled by it frankly, because we all say our names right before singing!
But, SPOILERS for the curious:

-Tokarev: me, singing the chorus of Warau Picasso in English and screwing up a high note badly
-Beretta: Shiun, singing a significant middle porting of Bellamy in a silly voice and screwing around
-Hinawaju: Joe, singing Sick Boy Sam Sick Flower from the bridge to the end
-Derringer: Me, Shiun, and Joe, doing 38mm Birthday Special in its entirety


Mizuha said...

thank you for answering! <3 and sorry, I really hadn't heard the presentations at the beginning of the bonus, just noticed now that you said. HAHA.

cosmos said...

Ow Jimmy, i never realized that you guys introduced yourselves in the beggining. ):

Ow, this damn surprise...i bet it'll be someone from NoGod.