Friday, August 20, 2010

Qs from Badymaru again

Badymaru asks:

“What I've wondered is, who makes/designs the CD covers? Do you guys hire someone? How do you find the person to hire? Or is it someone that you already work with that just happens to be a graphic designer?
Also, how involved are you guys with the design? Does one of you guys have like an image in your head and then works with the designer? or do they just get free reign and you guys just approve or reject.”

I don’t have a CD on hand to check to see what we wrote down there, but we have a person that designs the jackets for us that also does other creative type work of that nature for bands. I’m not sure how we found them, we’ve just sort of always known them. And bands tend to help each other out and introduce people to other people. It’s amazing how non-competitive bands are with each other.

The design starts off as a design in Tenten’s head, and then he goes and has a discussion with the designer. He draws the ‘images’ for each song, that are also in the CD jackets, himself, though.

The rest of us, however, are not a part of this process and don’t know what the 5th cover will look like!