Thursday, June 12, 2008



Why hello little feather-brained American piggy; what joy do your contents bring?...


Why, they bring a buttload of ecstasy is what they bring! Postcards in the back, super-interesting chocolate that I can't wait to share with the guys, more killer fanart, and an incredibly sweet letter that came as perfect encouragement at a perfect time... also three myyyyyysteryyyy boxes!!!


Because I am a gentleman, I did not peek into the two boxes not meant for me. In my box, there was that cute piggy LED keychain (which is seriously going to be useful on stage if something's wrong with mics or speakers), a sweet card-themed lighter (which is eerily reflecting my current obsession with card manipulation), and a startlingly beautiful necklace. I then realized that the thing could open, and I started thinking about what I could put inside...


...but there was already something in there! And it was the absolute most appropriate picture she could have put in there. I literally laughed with delight when I saw it.

This was all from our very own Miss Thrillz, who really did not have to send me even a letter, let alone a WHOLE BOX full of stuff. I was so, so, so happy to get it, to open it, and be affected by the surprises, and the other boys just cannot WAIT for the live on Sunday to get their shares. So a HUGE thanks to her, because things like that help you keep going forward. :)

The next live is this Sunday, and Shuurei, M., and Wolf will be in attendance because they have nothing better to do. ^_^ (Actually, apparently there's a Versailles live they could go to, but instead they're coming all the way out to Saitama! :'))We're going first though, again, which is kind of frustrating but so it goes.

There's also a small Laverite-related surprise in the works, so I'll update y'all when I'm allowed to.

Man, there be some good people in the world. :)


チカ said...

*v* wow seeing the box full of feathers it mustve taken a lot of time and effort to do it ^^

i like the purple feathers~ and i hope the other guys enjoyed the presents too ^^

er... i was wondering where i can find or listen to your music ^^; im really curious ^v^Y

anyways がんばって~ ^o^

Anonymous said...

Nothing better to do?! NOTHING BETTER TO DO?!?!?! More like nothing I'd rather do. I sense impending epic. You better make it so.

faith said...

crap, and i somehow thought that the live was ~tomorrow~ ><

黒* said...

Hahaha It was fun hanging out in Ikebukuro ^-^ Don't mind Shuu, he's just having a moment ;D *But you're right, we have nothing better to do. It's been like that for the last few days XDDD* However, your show must be epic... so good luck!