Friday, June 20, 2008

On the Lookout #1

LAVERITE is going to be in "V ROCK STAR" magazine (003), on sale 7/20!

A few days ago we got interviewed questionnaire-style, so there will probably just be our picture, a brief bio, and then our dinky little Q&A. :D

If you can, please pick it up!

So, there's one of the surprises down. The other one I'll let you guys know about in July. :)


Marius said...

Aw man! I'd totally love to pick one up! But the only magazines like that you can get here are Cure, and if you're lucky, Fools Mate. And both of them pretty much only cover Gazette anyway... Fuck.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's pretty big yeah? Getting featured in a magazine.

ken said...

Congratulations! Soon enough you'll be on the cover. :D Hope I make it to one of your shows one day.