Sunday, June 29, 2008

Live Report 6/24/08, Urawa Narciss: LAVERITE, OZxBONE, Ray, Velllapis

A band had canceled at the last minute, and we were asked to play in their stead with short notice on a Tuesday afternoon. I got my afternoon covered, worked my morning shift, and rushed over to Narciss to find myself only 15 minutes late and still significantly earlier than many other bands' members. (From now on, I'll work my morning shift and then go to the live, instead of taking the whole day off.)


We went smack dab in the middle, 3rd band of the evening.

There were four people there for us. And in total there were probably eight people in the whole place.

It was dead. As were we:


That's an accurate depiction of how we felt in our heads, but actually when we got out on stage we had quite a bit of fun and played well.

Ray were nice guys with a really cool singer who exuded masculinity, and OZxBONE are our live buddies. Their bassist quit, but honestly with just the 3 of them it seems to work well. Masahiro (v&g) plays lefty so he and Ken-Ken make this nice-looking V-shape between them that highlights the drummer in the back. You can't plan that sort of thing. And even with only four people for them as well, they played fantastically. Masahiro appealed to those of us band members sitting at our merch tables, and we all got into the set with him, having more fun than we thought we would. It was almost touching.

I'm just glad we didn't have to pay that night! It was a special request direct from Narciss so we only had to pay for equipment rental and recording and stuff.

Next one is on Tuesday, free, and I have no clue who's playing with us. :)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What? In the 9 days since we last saw them OZxBONE lost their bassist? That's pretty crazy stuff.

RyuKen said...

We need more pictures, try to make a video from your next presentation, I want to hear laverite, please!! ^^

Good luck.