Thursday, June 05, 2008

First fanmail!

Look at this awesome envelope from "Kagami"--


--it's been all over the world and stuff and if you don't like it well you can go soak your fat head

Let's look closer, too; what's that drawing...?


What is UP you guys, that is a drawing of Jimi, and for once I look huggable!

Ryota with his maki-maki hair...

And Yue, who dyes his hair so constantly in real life that this depiction is already indicative of a time now past!...


The included letters are so, so sweet; it's been a rough couple of weeks and this letter totally made my day. I was very, very surprised to find that in my mailbox.

So get your fanmail in early while I still have time to respond to each and every single one! :)


Judith said...

That's so cute ^-^
It took me a long time, though, to realize why the stamps and the airmail sticker are so familiar... fanmail from my home country. You're known already all over the world!

(sorry to butt in... love reading about your adventure in a visual kei band in Japan. One of the only things about visual kei that I read these days... rock on!)

Elec said...

Hi Judith! Thanks for reading. :)

And that's cool that you recognized the airmail stamps!

Thanks for reading; I really appreciate it. ^_^