Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh yeah so quick announcements

-The following people are seriously flippin' aweome: Cryptomayhem, Mrs. Cryptomayhem, Silvanos, Nemo

-Yes, we are on Fuji Pro now, along with Dolly and Hi:BRiD and Smells which is basically Merry Go Round minus one. Other bands that used to be on this label are Gimmick, Ghost, Vogus Image, Henzel, and Clover.

-We have a maxi-single coming out on 9/23, Praparat. 2 songs + one DVD. :D

-The reason we were filming the live was because footage from it will be used as a short promotion commercial that will be shown on the video screen above the Donkihote in Shinjuku. :D

-Then a CPs shusai event for the CD release, another one-man on 3/14 at Mosaic, and lots of other junk!

-I can't get MY OWN BAND'S WEBSITE to show up properly on my computer!


ame said...

The Don Quixote?

confirmation word: splatto

Nemo said...

Yay for being awesome. And right back at you guys! (^^)/

Oh right! The promotion commercial! ;; I forgot about that announcement... but at least I managed to retain that there was going to be a new single and a one-man in September. I'll try to be there but it might be a bit girigiri since I'll be in Nagano earlier that day...

Arithmetica said...

Woohoo how exciting!

Shizuka said...

AWSOME~!!! *O*

This screen is so..huge and..aawww~ <3

Soon you'll tell us that you guys rocking TokyoDome I can almost smell it in the air <3

Lemon said...

Congrats man. I'll purchase CP's single if I have any money by the time it's released...been dying to hear your guys' stuff!

cryptomayhem said...

Nemo & Silvanos were totally freakin' cool to hang with!

Ok, puttin' it out there now... 3/14 oneman CPS foreign fan meetup! We need to have at least 8 people this time! Me an Mrs. C will be there! We can meet up at the GoGo Curry in Takadanobaba... because I love that place!

Also, Zeal Link doesn't ship overseas... any other places gonna carry the single?

PS "In my Dream" is wicked.

inartistic said...

marder suitcase baby! That's fucking awesome.

Good luck with the single! It must be crazy to experience all of this so quickly (different from LAVERITE huh?).

Evan said...

I can't get the CP site to show up properly either... I've encountered it every so often that even with Japanese language compatibility it only shows jumbled symbols D:

Anyone know how to fix it?
This is what I see: ƒPƒ~ƒJƒ‹ƒsƒNƒ`ƒƒ[ƒY 9/23@1st Signle RelaseŒˆ’èI


There must be something more than just the Microsoft IME that I need to see some of these sites T__T

kerii said...

That is totally epic!! You guys rock, and I wish you all the luck in the world! I will totally buy the single!

If I can make it to Tokyo next year, I would love to do a CPS fan meet-up!

confirmation word: groncer. It's like the name for a reject muppet.

Silv said...

I'll do my best to make the March one man as well. The set was incredible and I got a laugh when tenten looked over and caught me singing the chorus and pointed and laughed himself over it.

Let me know if you want to get some drinks before I leave Jimi. I was actually thinking of getting some ink done here and figured you might know - being rock superstar €£€c.

zytroop said...

Congrats on the label and finally some music :D buy buy buy! Do you think you can get Smells to release something as well?

inartistic said...


The reason that the website displays weirdly is that it's done in Flash. Despite it being the year 2009, Adobe still has not come up with a way to make display correctly on non-Japanese systems.

If you change the language of non-Unicode programs to Japanese (just Google it), the Japanese will display correctly. The downside is that any websites or programs that use certain characters (é, ×, etc.) will display funky side effects.

Another reason why designers shouldn't use Flash unless it's necessary!

Evan said...

Thanks inartistic!

That happens all too much with the Japanese sites I want to visit (*couch UnsraW cough*)
I'll definitely try to get that to work. I will sacrifice seeing those infrequent odd characters so I can see many more. xD