Saturday, July 11, 2009

what i can say

-Here are the t-shirts.

-The new song will be 500 yen.

-Various announcements will be cool. We had a meeting with XXXXX yesterday and I can't wait to tell details of that.

-Schwarz cut his hand on a string during rehearsal today and didn't notice ALL THE BLOOD until a few songs in. It was pretty rock n roll. (j/k it was kinda scary at first)

-Your emails really brighten my day, and I'm trying to find time to write yall back. Crypto for lotsa stuff, Mr.Volt for tons of stuff, etc. Couldn't have asked for nicer readers and friends.



cryptomayhem said...

Have fun at the final! And oh yah... I WANT THAT SHIRT I'll GIVE YOU MONIES I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH!


Ito said...

But yeah, if you would be willing to ship some to the US and give us a price estimate, I'm sure some of us would love to buy one. (i.e. me. And I think cryptomayhem seems to want one as well:D )

Daruku-sensei said...

I want a shirt too... does it come in sizes bigger than the average Manorexic Japanese sizes?

Shizuka said...

I wanny have some too~

You are killing us with posting this stuff we aren't able to get our hands on


lovershigh said...

sign me up for a shirt if you decide to ship some to the U.S!

Joanna said...

T-shirst are just one thing... But, god, how much do I want to hear your song! I would give everything to have it, huh. ._.