Friday, July 31, 2009

shoot'n dance'n

Even though I got a bit sunburned, little girl on set found a four-leaf clover, and afterward I hula hooped with Ueno Juri for some reason. She's nice and lovely.



liath said...

Ueno Juri! She's my Favourite Japanese actress! I'm glad to hear that she's also sweet in 'real life' - V.awesome day you had.
How cool for the little girl to find such a lucky clover leaf...hope she saves it carefully for the future, those rarely come along twice.
.........And I didn't know you could hula-hoop - Jimi, do your talents know no bounds?!

Jinx☆ said...

Oh~~ lucky. Hope that means good luck in the studio.

This has made me miss hula hooping, now. It's probably a lot more effort than I remember it being...

Anonymous said...

you asked her 'are you ueno jyuri' or what? how was it?


~Stan~ said...

Oooh, four leafness! Heh, how nice. I would be really happy if I found on.
...Lolz Jimi~
Have fun at the studio :D