Friday, July 10, 2009


Chemical T-shirts are IN, suckas!

Gah so much preparation to do.

Off to a sorta cool meeting today. You might find it mildly amusing when I can mention it.



kerii said...

Muahaha, I totally bought the photo set with that second picture! All my students think you are "pretty". ^^;;

Shizuka said...

Don't you want to open a "chemical pictures shopping service for people reading my blog and totally want to but can't buy anything because not living in japan and so not able to go to concerts" because you are so super nice? :D


cryptomayhem said...

T-Shirt?.... T-SHIRT!!!!

I take it they'll be on sale at the oneman?

Shimbo said...

You look like a better-looking Kamijo in those pictures!

an ani mouse said...

lookin good as usual. Keep on truckin!