Wednesday, November 05, 2008


We (I) at Rock Japan Elec-tric hereby endorse Barack Obama for president. All American members of Laverite are also overwhelmingly supporting him.

oops i think im a little late


an ani mouse said...

That's great news bro! I'm incredibly happy with this. The people in NYC are VERY excited.

I really feel like this is a positive step towards america changing for the positive, together. And for America changing with the world, for a prosperous future.

jen said...

hahah missed the bandwagon by a few hours :p
were you able to vote?

Kagami said...

I was so happy when I heared new president of America is Obama!!!! Yeah!!!

Oh Elec and congrats to "your" new PV!!!!!! You look so cool and tinman is really ver funny!!!