Monday, November 03, 2008

Tommy Heavenly6 - PAPERMOON PV

A wonderful guest in the shoutbox found this before I did! How do you guys DO this?!

And thanks for all your comments. I hadn't been aware that Tinman and Lion were pulling such funny faces! Love it.

There's yet another surprise coming up, vaguely connected to this one.

Also, today in Shibuya in front of 109, I'm playing guitar with Becca, so everyone should come out at 2 and/or 4! 'Booya, 109. Got it? :D


fuzzurin said...

That's crazy, man! You're movin' on up!

Congratulations. It's so cool to be seeing this all happening.

anoneemus said...

Seriously! This is crazy awesome.

And the camera loves you. XD

Congrats again!

cj said...

who were those other guys?
honestly, I wanna see what else Tin Man is in :)

Xelyna said...

Hahaha, you look so VK, even dressed like that! It's so awesome you're getting gigs like this. Rock on! \m/(-_-)\m/

Jon said...

Great! Well done.
Being a massive fan of Tommy and her music, I would just like to ask you a few things if you do not mind.
How are you approached to do something like this?
Are you given specific instructions on how to act in the PV? i'e' Look seductivly, pull a funny face here, etc.
Do you have to learn how to play the song? Tommy as used a lot of western guys to act as her 'fake' band members in PV's, and this has always intrested me.
And finally, did you get Tommys phone number? Haha, only joking...;)

pengie said...

o-oh my god, and I even thought "man, that hot scarecrow looks kinda like Elec..."

you are AWESOME, dude. high five.

minlichi said...

Congratulations on landing a spot with Tommy! =D

But really, when are we going to see you starring in your own PV, huh?

XKataomoiX said...

Makes me wish tons I still lived in the Booya. I mean, I don't miss walking on streets that had to be hosed off from drunken salarymen and hosts, but I do miss Tsutaya and Narciss lot.

La Carmina said...

New photos of Jimi playing at BECCA's showcase @ Shibuya 109! Hooray for screaming Japanese teens!

Nila said...


Congratulations! =D

I'm pretty sure I visited your blog aaaages ago, though I'm confused as to how I remember you being a teacher and now reading about you being in a video with Tommy, so it was probably someone else, haha! But- I forgot what I was talking about,

Anyways... I super-love Tomoko!

Mannn, I wish I was you for that day! I would have totally loved it. I hope she was nice, xx