Friday, November 21, 2008

Jimi interviewed by: Kate

This time, Kate asks me about giiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls

Kate - the girls at lives seem really young. how do they act around you?

Jimi - They are indeed quite young. Most of them are in high school, so between 15 and 18. Of course there are quite a few girls in their 20s that come, and then a small handful of older and much older, but most of them are in that high school - to - mid-20's range.

Most of them act shy and nervous and it takes them a huge amount of courage to come up and talk to us or ask to by pictures or ask us to sign something, and I think that's adorable, so I really hope they had a good time. Some of them can be a little bold, but so far I haven't felt uncomfortable or afraid at any moment around any of them. And then of course lots of them don't pay me any mind at all! :D Or I'm just oblivious and can't tell.


Fundy Photographics said...

Um, so you're NOT seeing anyone?

Man, boys are stupid.

Paul said...

Hey man i'm a musician from the states, mind if i send a few questions your way?

nook said...

I love your blog - you always have really interesting and insightful things to say. Keep up the good work, and good luck!

Elec said...

Ky: if I was would I admit it? D:

Paul: Go for it! I'd be glad to answer 'em.

Nook: Thanks!

La Carmina said...

Myself, I'm married... and I have a son out of wedlock :\