Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big day.

Spent the morning with Mr.& Mrs. Cryptomayhem before their flight back to the motherland. Mrs. C gave me a knitted eyeball which is way cool and way awesome and also way killah.

They make this trip once a year, they told me. But then they showed me some tickets: they'd bought tickets to the CP one-man in July.

Just... wow. How nice of them. Just ridiculously sweet.

i guess they like cp a lot

As we were saying goodbye, I ran into JJ, who you'll remember as the fake drummer for the band I fake guitar in with Tommy H/F 6. We have something in the worksssssssssss

And then I went to Holiday to see Masaki, Keita, Kino, and Yura do a session band, Kanabun!

First, I wanna just say that the rest of the bands were horrible. Dreadful, horrible dreck. I have lost all patience for any VK that isn't discernably good on some level. I was getting pissed off listening to these awful bands. And I thought, wow, I spent a year playing shows with bands just like this. So that had me bummed out for a little bit. Terrible D covers, terrible Deg covers, terrible oshare-isms, guitarists who should not even be standing on stage yet, etc.

But back to Kanabun! Masaki, Keita, and Yura were cosplaying as characters from some mangas I was unfamiliar with but the costumes looked really cool, actually.

Kino was this guy:

And the costume was surprisingly high quality. Kino has had some insanely bizarre costumes over the years and I wish I could find them on le internets somewhere.

Masaki is the most positive person I know. He is also easily the most attractive male friend I have. And watching him come out on stage... I was watching from the guest area, and I know we guest bandmen aren't supposed to show emotion at all, but when he came out, I couldn't help but grin. Masaki may not be the best singer (although he has improved greatly since Sulfuric Acid), but he is the most fun performer I can think of. The first word that comes to me isn't even "cool"; just "fun". He is a magnet, a star with intense gravity that pulls you in. He is having fun, and he wants you to have fun too.

He's helped me with a lot of stuff. And if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be in CP, if you think about it.

They did two Sulfuric songs, and then beaU's "Chi Matsuri", which is ball-crushingly heavy and too fun. "nandemo kandemo poisute!"

And it was fun to see Keita play guitar, finally! I like his style. Also he has a black SG and I want it.

More coming up; in the meantime, the Cryptomayhems are the coolest people in the world right now.

i accept challengers :-*


Liathchan said...

Sounds like you guys did a great show!
I love how you have pretty much an adopted family circle these days ^^,
Also agreeing with you about Masaki...he is also seriously cute - in fact I'm quite surprised that putting you and him on a stage together doesn't send the female portion of the audience into a faint...use this gift with caution Jimi, with great power comes great responsibility
*I've always wanted to say that over-used line to someone*

cryptomayhem said...

It's sad to be back home. :(

Fun facts: Jimi knows awesome places to eat, and he LOVES IT when you buy him cake. XD

Can't wait for July, now!

Go said...
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Go said...

the name "Kanabun" isn't inspired by the excellent former porn starlet Bunko Kanazawa, is it?

Evan said...

Awesome :D

I'll totally look forward to the results of this Jimi - JJ collab!

Liathchan said...

Just re-read this you were WATCHING the session band not IN it....
see, this is why I need to read blogs at sensible times of day rather than when rushing to eat dinner before a Japanese lesson....
Doesn't alter the POTENTIAL for a fainting female audience though....

*word verification is 'flearear'...'flea rear' gettit?...oh the simple laughs are sometimes the best.*

Anonymous said...

I only surf in every now and then, but I love reading what you have to say and this post made my day!
I guess I haven't caught the fact that you chill with Masaki before, but I adored Sulfuric Acid so it makes me happy to hear that he's still around. I was starting to wonder about him, but it's hard to get news on smaller bands over here in the states.