Sunday, May 24, 2009

Children Full of Life

Coming from a long line of educators, and having worked with kids for quite awhile, I just want to share a great documentary.

Don't take anything about America as a whole or Japan as a whole out of this; just think about people.

(as always, never read youtube comments! ;) )

But seriously, this was sweet and inspiring.

I'll write more about rock 'n' roll later.


anoniemouse~ said...

Really amazing teacher.

Ezra said...

I swear, that was one of the most heart warming things I've ever seen in a documentary. The way that all the children came together for the deaths of the (grand)parents, and how they stuck up for Yuto...Everything about this doc. was wonderful. Thank you Jimi, for presenting this.

f said...

The Passionate Eye always makes great documentaries. Thanks for the share.

kagitsune said...

Oh, my gosh... that was just so beautiful. I once had a teacher just like that... she encouraged us to think freely and compassionately. I feel so blessed to have known her, and to know that there are other teachers like her in the world. Thank you so much for posting... I'm going to show this to my friends, too!

Nuni said...

Thank you for showing us this. I'm so moved I almost started crying.

Bottle said...

Thank you so much for sharing this

I found the Teacher so inspirational, and the actions of those kids so moving that I put all the videos onto my iPod so if I ever forget why I want to become a teacher I can watch these to remind myself

Klisk said...

Quite inspirational.

I can honestly say that I've never had a teacher that wasn't there purely for money. In my education I really met some of the most bitter, nastiest teachers around, and it's a really shame -- It's probably about location, but my grammar school in particular was awful. I didn't go to highschool after that, I homeschooled myself and got my diploma that way.

But it does make someone even as cynical and bitter about education as myself realize how much different and great it could be with teachers and staff that actually CARE. That's certainly something out of character for me to say!