Thursday, May 28, 2009

SECRET 5/28 Takadanobaba AREA: Chemical Pictures, Hibari, MaitoreA, LuLu, PureQ&A, Otogadeddo, etc.

Hibari invited us to play seeeecretly at their event.

Mr.&Mrs. Cryptomayhem were there rockin' out again; WHERE WERE YOU, HUH!?!?

Ryoki from KuRt is in Otogadeddo and they had a happy little reunion.

GREAT crowd tonight, especially since no one was supposed to know we were playing!

We did Preparato, Suffering, and Yamu Sora. Suffering is a very demanding song, both musically and physically, and at the end I definitely almost passed out.(°□°;) I should start jogging or something.

this is where its at, yo


zytroop said...

Joe looks absolutely mental, I like it.

shizuka said...

Joe does always look best :D!!!

world lost a japanese next topmodel!

I hope you had fun tonight~
I love Yamu Sora <3 (know it from benii '-'v)

cryptomayhem said...

Was Suffering that crazy mathy-ish song? 'Cuz that one was messed up. In a good way.

This set was waaaaaay heavier than Saturday's. Me likey!

And is Joe that crazy offstage? And if so, do you keep him on a leash? XD

Ito said...

Were was I? I am stuck in Wisconsin, thanks for asking, lol.
I love the pictures, but I can't wait to finally hear you guys...Keep the awesomeness coming!!! :D

Bottle said...

You played with PureQ&A, So cool!

I hope guys have CDs planned soon D;

Kataomoi said...

Wow, you and your cheekbones look so happy! Love the pics, excited to see what other surprises you let us in on when time allows. :)

Oh, btw haha the word verification is "a perm". Like we need those. =\

fuzzurin said...

Awesome stuff, as always.

Wish I could see you guys sometime soon!