Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Horrible injustice

Pelican is playing at Liquidroom on May 16th.
Chemical Pictures is playing at Holiday on May 16th.



cryptomayhem said...

That's just as bad as my Vidoll dilemna... XD

Too bad I had already bought the tickets... was hopin' to see CP twice in one vacation. :p

Bottle said...

I'd give you more sympathy Elec if I had heard of Pelican before ;p

fuzzurin said...

Ohh, that's shitty. I love Pelican. Although if you're going to miss it for anything, I suppose playing a show is a pretty awesome thing.

Faith said...

If you time this right, you can slip out during MCs and catch a couple of songs.

(It works, i've seen it in movies!)

Go said...

having seen Pelican lilve, let me assure you YOU'RE NOT MISSING ANYTHING!

Never ever ever has a band i've liked so much been so DULLLLLL on stage. Even the songs I love (like everything on "Fire...Thaw") barely made me nod my head. It was SOOOO BOOOORING. The guys stare at teh floor the whole time, their MCs have all the panache of kids doing their first indie show, and the songs lack the studio sparkle that elevates them to awesomeness. I'm not even sure they're more than average musicians.

Definitely a band that does better on CD. Worry not!

e said...

Ha! At least I break up the floor-staring monotony once in a while by refusing to play the rest of a solo if/when I botch the beginning. ^^;

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