Saturday, May 16, 2009


There's a white dude on the train here with an Amazon Kindle. Now, keep in mind that I am tragically unhip when it comes to technology: no portable mp3 player, no gaming console newer than an NES. But the Kindle looks like a prop on a cheesy sci-fi show or a futuristic kids toy. History may likely prove me stupid, though!

In the band van on the way to Holiday; we're cool


cryptomayhem said...

My mother in law let me borrow hers when I was laid up after a medical procedure. They're pretty neat! Not worth the $300 odd dollars or whatever, though.

Faith said...

Agreed. It's awesome, if you're willing to pay the price. What I've been doing is using the Kindle iPhone app to get books from Amazon's massive library. Not as sexy as an actual Kindle, but free!

Fundy Photographics said...

There was an interesting article on the Kindle in the NYT awhile back. It was about whether the kindle would destroy the community of book reading with points about how you judge people by the books they read or you see someone reading a book and have some context to discuss something with them, right?

And so it can become something that isolates people, cause you won't want to ask them what book they're reading cause you can't see it or you'll ask them cause you see the fancy kindle and want to know what they're reading, but that could lead to weird awkwardness if you have no interest in what they're reading. Long sentence!