Sunday, May 10, 2009


Just ran into The Cryptomayhem Family at 'baba, after I'd just spent Mother's Day with my Japanese Mom Michika! Totally random, also totally SICKTIGHT (゜∇゜)

J-Mom and I went to go see Boogieman, Moran, and Sugar. Met Moran for the first time, we're looking forward to touring together. Good to see Sugar again, too. They are, hands down, the most interesting performers in the scene right now. Incredible. What atmosphere!

Gonna chill more with Krypto & The Gang later this month too.

also my two moms are better than yours, sup now punks


~Stan~ said...

Glad you had a good time on Mothers Day JimJim.

Augh! I wish I could see Sugar once more before they separate... Fortunate bastard.

Lolz I am not affected at all by your opinion that your two Moms are way better than mine is.


cryptomayhem said...

That was the craziest first day of vacation in my life!

Thank goodness my wife is perceptive. XD