Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Askew 2: Elec-tric Boogaloo

If you go to Askew and download the 2nd issue, which you should because I am in it but also people way more interesting than me as well, then you might make a few people really happy, me for sure, but also the people who worked hard to put it together, to build it up from the dirt out of nothing like a primeval creator god;

just do it okay, sheesh

There are pretty pictures. There are pretty colors. There are pretty boys and girls. Also I'm sure, like, some of the fonts are pretty too, you weird font people.

(by "I am in it" I mean "I am in it because Chemical Pictures is in it", and Chemical Pictures is a band I am in)

And even if you buy a subscription this is way cheaper than trying to import a Japanese magazine and also easier because it is in the Queen's English. Heck, I have qualifications and I'd still rather read an English magazine!

Q: what are you going to do right now?
A: i dunno, call a friend, see if they wanna go see-- WRONG! The answer is, download Askew #2.


Liathchan said...

As you spoke so it has been done.....


Chem.Pic article and photos first class :)

Ezra said...

Yo, this issue was awesome. I must say, the people over at Askew know what they're doin'.

Evan said...

Well, we're learning. That's for sure ;D

Thanks for the support.

We're already starting preparations for number 3... I'm excited about our potential cover feature.

Liathchan said...

@Evan...ohhh you big tease!

Keep up the great work :)

sakurei said...

Just downloaded Askew and read the live report (an interview would have been nice though). It sounded like lots of fun.
And the pictures are really cool : D

You covered Garbage?! OMG I love them so much. I would have killed to hear that