Monday, June 29, 2009

Recording. I can't decide if it's really fun or really soul-crushing.

Here's how it worked:

-Write a song several months ago and work it up to speed and perform it at one-man live

-THE DAY BEFORE recording, receive a "reworked" demo which might as well be an entirely different song, get asked to write some new lyrics and melodies, scramble, panic

-Meet in 'bukuro at 6 AM goodness gracious, drive forever and a day to the studio, it is really far, listen a lot to the song in the car considering we only got it THE DAY BEFORE

-Drums take forever, not because the guy is bad, because he's fantastic, but hey remember we all got the song THE DAY BEFORE

-other than a couple of small hiccups, bass takes no time at all; how awesome am I (very) (nah but seriously it didn't take that long, even though I got the song THE DAY BEFORE)

-guitars take a few MILLION YEARS because we must have layered every single guitar part--and there were so, so many. Also since we got the song THE DAY BEFORE Schwarz played most of the guitar parts while Joe provided some brilliant tinkly-bits, if I do say so myself, but not so much of the main riffs, because remember we got the song THE DAY BEFORE

-similarly vocals take a few MILLION YEARS because Tenten hasn't recorded in a few years and I have never had to lay down my own vocals before. The engineer tells us point-blank that our voices don't blend very well for the harmonies, which is sad to hear because live they sound good and I sort of pride myself on my ability for vocal arrangements, so I had to quickly attempt to teach all my parts to Tenten, and there were a lot. I have not mentioned in this point yet that we only got the song THE DAY BEFORE

-leave the studio at 3am, get home at 5. I have been up for over 24 hours and that is really dumb you guys.

A lot of my arrangement ideas were perhaps too ambitious for a session of a song we'd all only received THE DAY BEFORE, and either couldn't be laid down in time or, upon listening in context, did not fit the song at all. One of my big ideas made it in, but given the time crunch it'll be interesting to see how the mixing turns out. Also we couldn't figure out what the difference between mixing and mastering was, even after being told.

Positives: But I mean, I learned a ton and learned that there are still things I need to learn and it is really, really cool to hear a final project coming together. Starting to feel like a band. I've been saying that a lot, but there are various moments when I believe it just a little bit more.

So, live news, if you are like me and lazy and aren't gonna check a different site just to see some live dates:

-Shikkoku Symphony on 8/15 with Duel Jewel, Clear Veil, Dali, Heisei Isshin, and a bajillion more

-9/18, Shibuya O-WEST! When Laverite started, I once thought, "you know, if I get to play O-West one day, that can be my high note." Seems a bit of a small goal now. Anyway, that show is with Oz, Nega, Lulu, born, and Skull.


7 comments: said...

That is the best news ever ! I was dying to see you live on stage and it so happens that I bought the ticket for 09/18 a long time ago, when only -oz- was listed~!
Now, not only I get to know that born and skull will be there (huge fan of born and..well A big fan of SKULL) but I'll also finally get to hear you play :D That is seriously the best thing that happened to me since the tickets for 'born, clearveil and deluhi on one stage' and 'certain band's tour final' ;D

cryptomayhem said...

Wait... I can't remember... when did you get the song again? XD

Also, is that one of your, "Thanks for coming out g'night!!!!" pictures? :P

Oh, and HELL yeah for playin' O-West... that place is awesome. And such a good lineup!

Shizuka said...

Yay for recording :D

I bet you just want to spent us all a copy right? XDDD

No.. joke..

Eeh.. '-'
You got the song the day before..from whom?
I mean.. don't you create them yourself?
Or is there anyone who tells you..
"Well guys I like you're idea but.. actually I've got something that would fit way better to your image" ? oO

Oh and.. *O*
The second live would be a -perfect- lineup for me <3

The first.. ahaha.. Dali..
Don't like them that much on CD but I like them live and.. the vocals' MCs are just dead funny XD

I remeber when he tried to call Kisaki on his keitai last year..
But.. uuh it's your blog not mine XDD
So I'll stop right here.

Kataomoi said...

You guys went through a lot of stress, but the live events really shows you guys how much you're loved despite all the stress and crap you go through being in a band. I'm excited for how many more friends and connections you may get to make at those lives. And O-West!! You'll have to put Budokan on there after that, huh? Or is the next rung in that ladder Shibuya Ax? I'm always so excited for you and always look forward to whatever blogging wonders from your side of the Pacific. <3

Anonymous said...

That sounds absolutely crazy! But, it's good you learned a lot. :3 I'm sure it'll come in handy later on.

Also, congrats on the Sept shows! Sounds pretty awesome.

Lisa said...

Ganbatte Jimi!

I have never in my life pulled an all-nighter so good for you there. I can't do it. By 9 or 10pm I get stupid, by 12pm I'm a raging bitch, and by 2pm I start falling asleep whether I want to or not.

Maybe next time you will get the recording more than THE DAY BEFORE and you won't need an all-nighter : )

Ito said...

"THE DAY BEFORE recording, receive a "reworked" demo which might as well be an entirely different song, get asked to write some new lyrics and melodies, scramble, panic"

This part confuses me... Reworked by who? I mean maybe I know nothing about this kinda of stuff, which I probably don't, but I would assume that you would record your own song mostly the way you want it, not getting a revised version of the song the day before recording... I don't know, this part really confuses me. I don't understand the Japanese music industry as I have never worked in it, but that whole getting a revised song the day before just throws me for a loop... But that fact that you guys are recording is still epic though :D