Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I seem to have confused all yall when I talked about getting the song the day before.

I mentioned that we'd written a particular song and played it at our one-man in March.
We don't want fans to get restless so we decided to self-finance at least one song to tide people over, for sale at our one-man next month.

But Schwarz said, well if we're going to release just that one, I'd like to make it better.

He worked very hard, but we were so busy that he couldn't finish the rough demo until, say it with me, THE DAY BEFORE.

So yeah, that's all. :) And it's almost a new song entirely!

Anyway I'm sure somehow you guys n dolls will hear it, so I hope you at least like one idea in there!;;

I am in a car to Sendai MACANA right now, gonna rock some clocks aw yeah

Tenten and Joe are from Sendai, as is Skull. Should be a good show, sponsored by Visunavi.

Lotsa green up north here; quite a nice change of pace!


Xio said...

Awesome! Can't wait to hear :D

cryptomayhem said...

Oh hecks ya... now I won't have to travel halfway across the world just to hear you guys!

Not that traveling halfway across the world to hear CPS is a bad thing.... it's just that I hate the plane ride. XD

Shizuka said...

Wanna buy a copy :D

Damn that would be expensive...
flight to japan, staying there, buying a ticket, eating 100yen stuff at mcdonalds PLUS the CD

With about 1200€/show you would then be the most expensive band to attend a live in the whole world '__' !!!

oh and yeah..thanks for the info XD
Got it now <3

Ito said...

Thank you, Sir Elec, for showing such endearing kindness by answering my questions :D
It all makes sense now, and I can't wait too hear it, I know it is going to rock so hard!