Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Steve Appleton Showcase

I'm cheating on CP today.

Tomas, JJ, Meev's drummer and I are supporting Steve Appleton at his showcase live tonight. We had a long, productive, fun rehearsal yesterday. Tomas is an amazing, amazing jazz guitarist, JJ is a brilliant rock keyboardist, Meev's drummer is disgustingly tight, and I'm just some punk kid from a little VK band. Also, Steve is a genius jazz pianist and no slouch on guitar either.

Should be fun!


Liathchan said...

You lucky thing! He's getting seriously famous seriously fast...he's all over the radio here in the UK etc.
Hope you all have a great night!

ps...Meeves drummer?! Wow.

cryptomayhem said...

I was gonna try and say you were cheating on CP with an ugly woman... but this kid's actually pretty good!

I feel kind of dirty for groovy with "Inner City Lover", but I've got a thing for rocksteady ska... *drool*

Ito said...

Oh snap!

Kataomoi said...
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Kataomoi said...

Sounds fun... but! Is his fanclub an innocent group of varied peoples? Or... is it something more sinister.


dun DuN DUNNNNN!!!

*cue Twilight Zone music and exploding alien spaceship noises*

Or not, being silly. Wow, neat gig. :DDD

{PS I know my html is nonexistant, but Blogger is abstinate against having extra items other than text inserted into it..... Uhhh. My confirm word was "dishi" haha.}

mrvolt said...

I'm cheating on CP today.

Meh. All's fair in love and war.

*owes you an email (to be settled shortly)*

Go said...

Awesomer than a ton of apples!

Seriously, very cool professional / moneymaking gig... a dozen of these every year and you could live pretty comfortably in Japan forever.

~Stan~ said...

Coolness, coolness! Ah, this brings back memories from when my piano/keyboard professor was teaching me jazz scales, music, etc... I really must get into classes again. So much to learn!