Sunday, June 07, 2009

Live Reports-ish: Gossip, ...


Gossip had a one-day reunion show, and Chemical Pictures' current drummer, Masami, was their drummer, so after various separate errands, Schwarz, Joe, and myself met up at Shinjuku Holiday and made our way backstage. We had bought some drinks for the Gossip guys but we got there just as they were about to head onstage. We ran into Ryo and Shun from Rentrer en Soi, who remembered me and gave me warm greetings, and finally put two and two together that the gaijin in Chemical Pictures is me. (Both "gaijin in VK" and "that new Chemical Pictures band" are getting around pretty fast.) Joe's renewed presence in VK is also a blast from the past for a lot of fellow band dudes, and he seems to have a lot of old friends with a lot of catching up to do; Ryu from Administrator was one of them. Nice guy. Almost forgot; had a reunion with Yumeji too! (ex-Mello, ex-Rhyolite)

Gossip was fun. Hiro's pretty funny. Kaname and Schwarz briefly played together in the recent past so it was cool to meet him too. Masami was having a lot of fun; in the MC when he mentioned that he was drumming for CP, the 3 of us in the back almost, almost cheered but that woulda been annoying. :-P


Schwarz, clearly a non-believer in the concept of private property, decided to try on Masami's jacket. I still don't think he's noticed that my face is in the picture.


Afterward, Masaki called me up and wanted to chill some more, and he also knew Joe, so we went and said hello, and Schwarz and Joe headed back to their respective homes while Masaki and I had a very, very chill drinkin' time.

And that was that!


shizuka said...

Oh well..
VK-scene is just like one big family *laugh*

cryptomayhem said...

Ya know... I was gonna be all like, "Hey, good to hear that Masami had fun, he's a nice dude, and yay for re-meeting old friends!"

But then... THEN you had to put that guest pass up...

I don't like you anymore.


Ito said...

The way you make is seem is that everyone is VK is just super chill and awesome. You make me jealous XD

Anonymous said...

shun and ryo...sweet :D