Saturday, June 13, 2009

Live Report 6/12/09, Shinjuku Holiday: Chemical Pictures,

We had trouble from the get-go, all morning, into rehearsal, it was horrible and crazy and I was a very depressed, sad little guy, wandering around the building with the guys, apologizing to anyone and everyone who would lend an ear...

BUT I GUESS EVEN JUST OUR REHEARSAL WAS MIND-BLOWING because everything was smoothed out and everyone was like "psh jimi why you gotta worry". And most people just said, "well, if you feel the need to apologize, you can make it up to everyone by rocking the crap out of the crowd tonight."

...which was a beautiful sentiment, and just what I needed to hear. :)


J-mom Michika showed up, as did Ryo, Satsuki, and Shun from Rentrer en Soi... initially just to see their roadie's band play, but once they knew that I was playing, they stayed until the end of our set. That was way, way cool of them and they didn't even have to stay.


The other cool thing about this show was getting to hang out with the Yumeji/Kenji/Shunsuke/Maru/Tsukasa session guys!


Here's me and Maru. We became friends instantly. He had me take a bunch of polaroids for their merch table with him and Yumeji. Shunsuke has been setting up really cool events for us, and is a reassuringly laid-back guy. Kenji, formerly of Wyse and now in Virgil, has also become a fast friend.


And Yumeji, from Mello and Rhyolite. An utterly fantastic guy; everything he says to me, every piece of advice he gives to me, is just so... sagacious. Was definitely almost moved to tears at a coupla points, and that was just in normal conversation. The older brother I never had, without a doubt.

How nice to know I have people over here who insist I am their son/brother/cousin! :D

Their session opened with Pink Spider, a Rize song, Lips by Kat-tun, and some bis songs.

Also I got my first present from a fan! Or rather I should say a present from someone I didn't already know! Not that I don't appreciate those too! Just, felt like a little milestone, yanno? :-P

-Yodare Chaos into SE from homepage
1. Human Rubbish (a brighter song than the title would suggest! Visual pop rocks)
2. Präparat (quickly becoming the big CP song)
3. Walking Ashland (high-tempo countrified blues)
4. Suffering (punch-you-in-the-face metal)
5. I wanna get away (pop-punk chorus and a heavy crushing bridge)

Next one is at Cyber on Wednesday!


Renan Rocha said...

duuuuude... you're the luckiest son of a ***** in the WHOLE FUCKIN WORLD.

bis is my favorite band all time! hangin' out with them would be a dream... Maru!! he was out of the loop for a while, eh? Please tell them that there's a brazilian guy in your blog DEMANDING them to start doing music again right now, together, if possible!! =D

and I'm so glad about CP, follow your blog since a LOOONG time ago, it's nice to see everything turning out so nicely!

f said...

From the read, you seem to have gotten one of those bad days moment. Lucky, you got your first real present. That means you doing things right. Keep it up. Cheers!

Shizuka said...


ahahaha XD

A German word~!

Hope you guys know how to pronounciate :D!