Friday, February 13, 2009

Askew #1

Askew Magazine has its first issue for free download at the moment, so hop on over and check out the impressively wide range of cool stuff they were able to talk about with various cool-soundin' peeps, ranging from the dingy-livehouse-dwellers to arena-rockers.

Laverite also gets a mention, which is really cool. I also like that it's very Ryota-focused instead of me-focused, actually.

It's been really cool watching the whole process of Laura getting this thing off the ground. So congratulations on #1. :)


Scatter in Depth said...

Listening to me bitch and complain for six months straight was cool?????

You're just a trooper Jimi.

Elec said...

laura shut up i am cultivating an air of mystique for youuuuuuuuuuu

Ito said...


Evan representing Wisconsin!!!

Evan said...

I want a fucking page in the next issue that goes out to the artists saying COME TO FUCKING COLD-ASS WISCONSIN, we need lovin' too!

Wow, we all really stalk the same internet spots, this is ridiculous.

Lol, glad you liked the Laverite feature Jimi. ;D