Tuesday, February 03, 2009



Spent the afternoon at Tenten's, doing some lyrics.

The I took a terrible picture of us where I look like I am trying to pierce the lens with my chin and Ten2 is hiding his beard.



Anonymous said...

awww bless,you twolook like you're having fun. Wait... Tenten grew a beard? On purpose? That must look somewhat surreal, he's almost too pretty to have facial hair.(Not that I mind beards, my boyfriend has a goatee) but on Ten2, hmmm I shall reserve judgement.

go said...

i need a photoshop medic! Ctrl+U to lower that saturation by 50%, tweak the hue away from magenta a bit! Stat!

Ito said...

COME ON GO! Color balance adjustment layer instead!

That better for ya? lol

Jennifer said...

This is off topic, but I really want to play checkers against either of you now, on that floor...

cups vs. mugs. XD

Having fun + productivity = epitome of awesome =D

Toaster said...

Have you been correcting Tenten's English or something? XD

That floor seriously looks like Zero's from D'Ray... Maybe most Japanese men have a preference for checkered floors. CONSPIRACY THEORY CONSPIRACY THEORY CONSPIRACY THEORY

nook said...

Wow, you guys became friends quickly!

cryptomayhem said...

Tell Tenten I'll give him a cookie if he shows his beard.... o.O

Elec said...

Anon: Tenten's beard is simply a product of laziness. I'm sure it's gone by now. :-P

Go: im going to blame it on cameraphone

Ito: that picture is still terrible because i am in it

Jennifer: or chess and like beer steins are the queen and king or something

Toaster: Yes, at his bequest! And maybe Zero and Tenten both live in same apartment and that's why you see the same floors??????
(this is not true at all and if this pops up as a rumor somewhere i will eat my hat)

Ito said...

Elec, have you seen pics of ME?
Yeah, now try and tell me you are ugly again! XD
But in all seriousness though, I don't know how you could think that you are ugly/unattractive. You look great dude! (in a totally heterosexual way)