Friday, February 13, 2009

Kimura Kaela - "Doko"

This video creates a dull ache in my heart. Lovely.

I think if her most recent album and singles have been any indication (the fluke brilliance of "Yellow" aside), Kaela's road to artistic maturity while maintaining integrity has been flanked by growing pains. I appreciated a lot of the strange-yet-fun's stuff from her 2nd album and just fell flat on my face in love with her 3rd album's manner of conveying awkward emotion honestly, but her more recent stuff had been weird for weirdness's sake.

(A study by Miskatonic University grad students last year proved, for example, that "Jasper" is an empirically terrible piece of audio and video, suitable only for assisting in dark, eldritch rituals for the purpose of raising ancient cyclopean cities from their tombs beneath the waves where unspeakable horrors lie in your most feverish dreams.)

I like the modern Super 8-like sheen to a lot of the video, with the muted and washed-out colors, and the way the sun looks. I like how old the situation feels, what with the old phone and the old car and the high-collared thing she wears that make her look distressingly lovely.

I like that this video feels so normal, what with the 'weirdest' thing being the military jacket. But even then I'm like, 'why yes, I will follow you on an adventure through the fields', if only because I can't stand to see her so forlorn. Having a glass of water and staring out the kitchen window--I have no idea what sort of phantom memory that's tugging on, but that little part is perfect.

Dig that masterfully-constructed chorus, too.

I have been consuming so much of the same light post-rock these days because I guess I'm craving the emotional rides, grand and small, they take me on, but I'm craving catchy vocals too. And it's been nice to come across songs from artists I already like that are just like that, only more compact and with vocals. In conclusion, I am a huge baby and also it feels so good to be punched in the face by Aestheticism all over again. :)


liath said...

Elec, you are a consummate wordsmith.Love the Cuthuloid rant in's fun to let out your inner RPG'er (I'm making an assumption here, maybe you just read some Lovecraft) once in a while :)
Kaela is, I'd never heard of her before so thanks for the introduction.
L x

e said...

Woot, Miskatonic U! Go you Cephalopods!

ken said...

I'd heard of her but never really paid any attention. The song really does get to me on a day like today though, where everything's gray outside, and there's a light sprinkle of rain and I've got nothing to do but sit around and recover from a cold.

And I feel like such a nerd to be able to recognize how much of a nerd you are with that mythos reference.

Alex said...

Its a great song and a great video. Her live versions are great too. Kaela has a major talent for being expressive and singing beautifully at the same time. She comes off as being natural and real (not to mention totally beautiful all the while). She is just a cool girl all around.

On another note, congrats on your work with Tommy. She and Kaela are actually my personal favorite artists. I ordered the DVDs for her new albums so I guess I'll be seeing you here on my TV in the U.S. pretty soon. Its nice to hear your account of how that played out.

I'll probably check out your blog from time to time. Good luck on your future adventures.