Monday, February 23, 2009

We are children

We have not grown up: apparently we're still in that phase of "everyone switch instruments and let's jam!", and Tenten usually instigates this. The rest of our material is solid enough that I don't mind the distraction. So here he is with my bass. Somehow we started playing Kurenai and I realized I've never actually tried to copy X before. Also our drummer is a pretty darn good guitarist, and our lead guitarist was a surprisingly decent drummer.

Tenten's actual musical knowledge is different from how much of it he can actually explain when pressed. He's sort of a savant like that; reminds me of a Billy Sheehan video I SWEAR I saw once where he demonstrates and then says "yeah I don't know how I did that." Ten2 can just pick up a guitar, noodle around, really look like he has no idea what he's doing, and still come up with some really cool ideas.


liath said...

Tenten looks like he's doing some kind of Tyrannosaurus Rex impression: “grrrr I’ve got stumpy little arms and no opposable thumbs….gah...*poke poke*. Dang you evolution...foiled again.”
I love that he's able to just mess about and come up with awesomeness....that's what real talent is all about.

By the way today's verification word is 'wookwig' teeheehee.

Kataomoi said...

I believe this is what we call bromance, and I luff it. Now, all you need to do is switch everyone around, record it, call it Punk Pictures (a la L'arc-en-Ciel), ???, profit!

fuzzurin said...

I'm so excited to follow you and this band. When you were first talking about it I was unsure as to whether or not this was just a session band, or if you had legitimately joined the band. I guess it's the latter! It's really cool to see you moving up, playing with bigger bands. Pretty crazy to see you playing with some really well-known guys. I'm excited to hear all about it. I wish you the best of luck.

mmmeat said...

... that means you were on vocals. there needs to be a "leak" online somewhere of this jam session.