Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tommy February6: Strawberry Cream Soda Pop

Tommy asked me to play keyboard and dress up like Boy George/Strawberry Switchblade this time for her, which I was glad to do. The shoot was very long and went overnight, but it was great to see a lot of the same staff again and work with some other cool foreign peeps. The drummer guy is a totally cool dude.
She pulled me aside during a long break in set changes to bombard me with questions out of nowhere about what I want to do with my career in Japan, wither it's music or acting or modeling. She's so kind to worry and offered me lots of helpful ideas and opportunities, so if anything it helped me realize some other options that are potentially open to me.

I always like getting to know the costume and hair/makeup staff, because they are so committed to turning me into something totally different. Also a lot of the makeup girls I meet on sets like this often have experience doing makeup for VK bands too, so it's neat to see how small that world can get.

Also I looked faaaaabulousssss


There's another video you'll see of me sometime that's not for Tommy and I don't play an instrument, so look forward to that too. I totally have no idea what the song is called though so I guess I leave it up to you guys to keep your eyes peeled? Y'all ALWAYS find me before I find myself anyway! :-P


cryptomayhem said...
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cryptomayhem said...

Rockin' a keytar automatically makes up for the godawful clothes they put you in. :P

Xelyna said...

Wow, I didn't recognise you at first... are you sure you aren't related to Boy George? LOL

I like that you and the other guy got a lot of time to flirt with the camera near the endXD

Anonymous said...

Elec hunn that's just plain SCARY, you do look like Boy George in this. Plus how did you not go blind with all that PINK!Your skin looks damn amazing too...

sneakglove said...

Thanks for the story Elec!! It is nice to hear things about Tommy that we would otherwise never hear. Did she say anything about HER future? Well done, and one more thing -

Faith said...

Dude, you'll be getting more screen time than Tommy pretty soon.

And I'm with sneakglove, it's very cool to see what these people are like backstage, and even cooler that a few of seem to actually be nice.

Anonymous said...

So cool!

And so nice she'll, there for you =D

zytroop said...

I like the full minute of you and the other guy pulling your sunglasses up and down, looking flirtatiously into the camera.

Kataomoi said...

I completely disagree that you look like Boy George. You look like a crossplay of Becca. Which is sexy, awesome, and ironic all at once.

kilix said...

Elec do you accept critiques ? Can I make one ?

If yes just know that lot of people (for example here who are fan of Tommy february6, including me, think that the end of the PV with you and the other guy dressed up like Boy George is simply ... HORRIBLE !!
Most think that this is toooooo long and that it completely alters the Tommy february6 style (that we love so much and used to watch) and that -sorry to say that- this last sequence just killed the video !! :(

I just wanted to let you know that ! ^_~

Last thing: if it happens that you work with Tommy again in the future, please inform her that her last PVs since the brilliant green came back on July 2007 are a little weak !! Thank you !

benii said...

Let me just start my comment by saying that kilix, I think your comment was dumb.Tommy asked elec to be part of the video for a reason ( which I suspect to be his awesomeness =) ) And if you don't like the video, nobody forces you to watch it.Also, if you dislike Tommy recent PV, why don't you send her fanmail yourself?

Ok so what I originally wanted to say is that it's nice that you get to appear in another Tommy video, and you look great in it.Can't wait to see where you will appear next ahah =p

Go said...

i think Kilix has an excellent idea! Why not tell your "boss" that her videos have gone down in quality ever since YOU started appearing in them? That's awesome career advice!

Havi said...

Haha, really really cool video, I like you in this weird Boy George Style.XD

sunny said...

you look awesome, but for the first minute i was wondering if you were one of the cheerleaders in the background...

Elec said...

Thanks everyone!

Cryptomayhem: Oh, I don't know that it does! XD

Xelyna: I am not English but yeah I like flirting with cameras. Way easier than flirting with real women!

Anon: Yeah that sure was a lot of pink, and it's amazing how much lighting helps make your skin look better.

sneakglove: You know, whenever I'm with people in these settings, we talk about the most normal, boring stuff. Very little talk about career trajectory. So when she brought up mine I was a bit taken aback. We're already in a potentially stressful work environment so sometimes it was nice just to hear her go on about, like, shoes or something. :)

Faith: MOST of 'em are pretty nice, actually! That's why it's so disappointing when they aren't. :(

And haha, I didn't realize people were going to worry if I was one of the cheerleaders!

Kilix: Thanks for the comment. :) I don't have much to say, except:
I don't think it's very smart, nice, or constructive to contact an actor over decisions handled by the director, editor, and the artist. And linking me to a place calling me a 'tool' and hoping I take it all as 'constructive' critiques isn't how I would have handled it.

Also you have to realize I am biased-- I see myself in a video and I go "oh hey wow neat im in a video :3" because there is not a single person who doesn't like seeing themselves in stuff to some extent. So I am going to think it's awesome no matter what. No idea why some people think it's awesome and some people think it marks the downfall of the Japanese music industry, but so it goes.

Also next time I see her I will inform her of no such thing. :P Go summed that one up nicely.

Also the other guy in SCSP with me was not in either Papermoon or Unlimited Sky; I am the only one to carry over from those two.

Anyway, thanks for your interest and comment all the same, and I hope that maybe you'll like other things I may do in the future! Don't wanna be disappointin' all the time! :P

And benii's got a point too. :)

But yeah I guess kilix's post just highlights how lucky I am to have all you guys who so willingly indulge me when I'm excited just because I'm on a film, regardless of what it is or its perceived quality! XD

sneakglove said...

Lol, ignore kilix, he is a moron, trust me I know this through personal experience.

As if you are going to do that lol. If ever you see Tommy again, tell her how many fans she has outside Japan and that we love her very much!! Great work on the PV's Elec ;)

makee said...

you were great

makee said...

It's really great to see Tommy february6's back with a cute PV again ^^ The video is really nice and has the candypop cuteness in it ^^! i really love Tommy heavenly6's guitaring!

Also I think you were really awsome throughout the video! At first i thought you were a girl but when I knew it was you i was like ''awsome!''. I also want to say that you really look like a cool rocker in ''Unlimited Sky''!

Elec said...

Another round of thanks to you guys again!

Another really cool thing about doing stuff like this is, before I appeared in her videos I knew of her in name only. Then all y'all got on the ball and recommended me some cool stuff and have really made me a casual fan of hers, so it's neat to have this sort of work. :)

And as a caveat: I COMPLETELY understand why people might think that last minute is unnecessary or annoying or terrible or satan's handiwork. I really do. I just can't agree, because like I said before, I watch it and I think "tee hee i had so much fun :3". My lovely colleagues here indulge me for unknown reasons, and bless the hearts of each and every one of you. :)

ghitgo said...

I also think you did a good job. At first I thought it was a little long, but it fits the style of the video. If Tommy didn't like you and what you do You wouldn't have been in 3 of her videos. Hope you get to be in a 4th video.

kilix said...

Elec said:
"And as a caveat: I COMPLETELY understand why people might think that last minute is unnecessary or annoying or terrible or satan's handiwork. I really do. I just can't agree, because like I said before, I watch it and I think "tee hee i had so much fun :3"."

I'm really glad Elec to read that you can understand my point of view !
Of course you aren't really the only one who is responsible of this last minute in the PV, but you were anyway one of the 2 guys being shot on this; so when I read here or anywhere else that this sequence is "awesooome" and you being satisfied of it ... I can't agree with that ... that's why I wanted to let you know !! :)

About the fun you got, that's nice I'm happy for you ... but that's not the most important thing you know in a music video !!!
Don't you think the most important is the final result you will obtain after the final montage of the music video and the audience being pleased with it ?! ^_~

ShizuenJune2 said...

you do look abit like young boy george but you look much better^^.I hope we can see more videos featuring you next time(P.S. or maybe a movie?:3)