Thursday, August 06, 2009


So on the 4th it was Joe's birthday as well as my president's birthday, so that's pretty cool I guess.
I got him that Kimura Kaela photo collection that I made a huge deal about a couple of years back. He loved the thing. It might be one of the best reactions I've ever gotten from a birthday present I've given someone.

Mom sent me a package in the mail with some American goodies, some music they liked, and a copy of The World is Flat. She also sent me a sizable photo album she made, and it's lovely and very well-done and carefully crafted both in a material sense and a pull-my-heartstrings sense. There's a particularly great image of my grandmother on the steps of the church where she got married and she is clearly moved. And then of course just seeing the requisite family, extended family, friends, old friends, and NEW BABIES.

I really don't like being so far away from NEW BABIES in the family. ;_;


liath said...

wishing a belated happy birthday to Joe!

Shizuka said...

Show us the babies * *!