Sunday, August 16, 2009

Live Report 8/15/09, Saitama Kaikan: Chemical Pictures, FIFTEEN OTHER BANDS

When unexpected or unplanned stuff happens on stage--if I get a wire wrapped around my leg, or I bump into Joe, or my mic stand falls over, or Tenten tickles me onstage, what have you--I laugh it off and move on, try to recover well. After all, part of the measure of a good band is how well they can play off of that blip.

And honestly, all in all, things went fine last night, but I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed on stage!

First of all, it was really cool seeing a lot of the old Narciss staff again, and they remembered me and 'welcomed me back' with open arms and big smiles. So great to see Hidetora again, and I also had a great reunion with Kuma, now in Gizel. He's a friend of Joe's too, which just goes to show how dang small this VK world is.

Zero, formerly of Ghost, is now in Hi:BRiD and we hadn't actually spoken in almost a year or so, so it was cool to catch up with him too. And Leo from Cinema Strip. Yuri from Rubik has been a great friend to the band and he was there, as was former beaU bassist Kino, and Soan from Moran. He's been around a lot lately and he has the most calming effect.

Now, after each band's performance, a member or the whole band goes out to the front to do a short talk session with the Zenit Music Factory boss lady, who is admittedly a cool old lady. The idea Tenten wanted to do was, since he was going to jump off the front of the stage and run to the back door after our last song, he wouldn't be able to do the talk. So they were going to send me out there. All I really had to do was announce our single, our 3-man with Otogadead and Juliette, and that we'd be playing at Narciss in October.

Tenten thought it would be funny if I went out there and put her on the spot and say "I don't speak Japanese". I would be speaking Japanese the rest of the time anyway, so I wasn't put off by the idea for the schtick.

I hope I'm remembering this right, because it was sort of a blur.
I get out there and play it Steven Wright-ish, and I get laughs, but I realize that suddenly I have to be committed to this gag. Because she kept asking me questions, when she had assured me that she would keep it short! So I had to come up with these short English answers that Japanese people would understand.

FINALLY, she gets to the question about upcoming activities for CPs and I switch to Japanese, and I got HUGE cheering and applause.

And then it was over and all, and by everyone's account it went fine, but I was SO embarrassed for some reason!

And apparently people were really confused as to whether I can actually speak Japanese or not. Now, she was asking me questions in Japanese and I was answering them in easy English, so I don't know how I could have answered them if I didn't understand. Or how I could wing the tail end of the talk session in Japanese if I couldn't speak. Oh, silly people.

Man, this is why I quit being the singer in bands years ago!

Anyway. Next is

-Shibuya BOXX on the 18th, with VelBet, DOG in the Parallel World Orchestra, Cellt, and Downer

-Ikebukuro Cyber on the 27th, with Canzel, Cult Fiction Club, SuG, Toon Factory, DragonWAPPPPPPER

-9/18 O-West, with OZ, Nega, Lulu, born, Skull

-9/23 Meguro Rokumeikan, Chemical Pictures (with Otogadead and Juliette), release date of 'Praparat'

-10/4 Omotesando FAB, with Inugami Circus Dan, Hana Shounen Baddies, Monokuro Cinema, Hitotsume, and comedians Gorgeous and Jaa Takeya (Gorgeous is a space pirate with a globe who does jokes that end in country names, and Jaa Takeya sings about awkward situations, I guess comedians warm up VK shows now)

-3/14/10, Shimokitazawa Mosaic, 1st birthday of Chemical Pictures

and some in-stores?? I think those scare me the most!


nook said...

Sounds like you did a fantastic job.

By the way, is that a fanart at the bottom? It's so cute.

liath said...

Sounds like a good gag actually.... no need to be embarrassed, it seems everyone thought it was hilarious :)

~Stan~ said...

Ha ha! Poor you Jimi. I'm amused and admire you for what you did. I sure hope you don't get too embarassed next time!
I'm glad you all got to meet up with friends too.

Busy, busy you. (INUGAMI CIRCUS-DAN~).

Have a nice day and 'till next time!

Arithmetica said...

That's a cute picture there! Is it fanart? 8D

Lemon said...

Ahhh it happens. It sounds like people were entertained by it at any rate so you did your job :)

Congrats on all the awesome shows coming up...Inugami...that's quite an accomplishment!

cryptomayhem said...

Holy shit you speak Japanese?

Sounds like you guys had a fun show!

sadboyinsnow said...

Sounds like it was definitely one of those great memorable experiences.

Will your new single be available for those that live outside Japan to purchase it? Say, the US?

Kataomoi said...

I didn't know you could speak Japanese~ WOW~ Tenx2 is a WILD AND CRAZY GUY. very good joke, I hope the kool old lady picked up on it/enjoyed it. You sound really busy, and that's really exciting! Yay for VK bands operating in the black! Juliette boys have some fantastico hair. And I miss Cinema Strip with a passsionnnnn. It may not be so very far away before I'll get to see you play again. Hopefully Chemical Pictures will still be kicking around then ]:D

jen said...

Hahah how interesting~ But yeah I can understand how people would be confused, but i think so long as they think you understand Japanese then its fine.
Inugami Circus Dan xD

e said...

The interview gag reminds me of this Simon Pegg bit.