Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mixed and Mastered

I can't take a schedule like that for too long. It didn't help that I had Music Station in the middle of it all.

The day we laid down vocals for the other song, I was sort of a bit overambitious and wrote out these layered vocal arrangements for certain songs that looked good on paper and sounded fine in my head but sometimes you need to go the more minimal route.

Another scary thing: on the day of mixing, one of us had another one of those only-cool-in-your-head ideas. We tried it out in mixing and to be honest it was terrible. No one seemed okay with it, and usually we're very open to being told our idea is stupid, but for some reason none of us spoke up. Eventually we finally just said oops that is a dumb change so we changed it back to the first idea. Truthfully, it would have been atrocious.

Mastering was this morning, and mastering was handled by Naoya Yoshida from Valentine D.C. Then into the studio to throw together a setlist for a live we have tomorrow at Cyber with SuG and thanks to those jerks the place will be packed and crowded oh wait that is a good thing from a band perspective :3

So the single will look like this:
1. Reincarnation
2. Praparat
3. SE
We just turned in the name of the 3rd track; this will be the full version of the guitar song that plays when you go to the CP website. A lot of people seem to like it a lot, and people have told me they like it, so I'm really proud that we get to offer this. Don't let "SE" fool you; I don't want this to be viewed as a few seconds of throwaway noise.

Anyway. I really think we've put together a coupla nice little ditties.
It's funny; I always hate it when bands or artists say that they're unable to fit in any genre or that they're doing something different--that is not for them to decide, that is for the listeners to decide. If you as a musician want to defy genre or do something different, you do it with your music and not with your spoken words.
That said, when our engineer told us that we had brought him two decidedly un-VK-ish songs, I smiled. I couldn't tell if he meant it in a good way or a bad way. I'm going to assume good because that's what I do. Even with a question of genre out of the picture, and even though these songs do not sound like In My Dream, or really sound like each other, I hope everyone listening finds something about them to appreciate.

We're currently looking for a way to hopefully make this single available to overseas customers, but I can't promise anything yet. I hope we can. >_<

5 straight days of midnight to 8am; hoping my sleep schedule is okay tonight...



cryptomayhem said...

Hooray for finally being done! You've had a super busy week. Glad to see that all the hard work is done (other than having to play with SuG... good luck with those guys o.O ) And I'm super excited that the SE is on the single... and kinda disappointed that Walking Ashland isn't... I love that freakin' song. :P

anoniemouse~ said...

Umm Jimi have you thought of Hear Japan? To make it available overseas. <.<

liath said...

Yay! So happy for you:)
I hope you sleep OK now ~~~
Very excited to hear these songs,maybe you'll find a way to get them to us overseas folks? I guess you could try selling a bunch on and link us to the listings via this blog so we can find them....
It's maybe a hassle, or maybe an idea to think about...I don't know.
Anyhow, get some rest :) *hugs*

Nemo said...

Brand X and Guruguru ship overseas as far as I can remember. I know I used to buy CDs from them back when I was still living in Canada.

I'm looking forward to the new single! I love bands that don't let themselves be constrained by a single musical style. :)