Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Live Report 8/18/09, Shiuya Boxx: Chemical Pictures, Downer event: Cellt, VelBet, DOG in the Parallel World Orchestra

I really like Boxx. I mean I like the venue. It's got a big area outside that you can chill in, the drink bar is separated from the main hall so you don't have to see a band you don't care about... I mean, from a band perspective you want to keep as many new people to see you as you can, but I totally get the need to escape from a group you're not interested in.

I did not like the sound or lights, though. We were a little bit frustrated but we sort of figured we'd just roll with it. We know we need to stay positive, so we just approached it from the aspect that Shibuya is sort of our "away" game.

But otherwise the show went well. Another reason I like the place is that there are 3 dressing rooms, which are very small but there are actually separate rooms instead of a general "backstage". Also, there's a large central backstage lounge with a fridge and freezer, an ice-maker, water cooler, couches, rice cooker, sofas, and a huge TV and sound system connected to the stage cameras which made observing the other bands so much easier.

Yomi (Nightmare) came and saw us and he spent some time complimenting my singing, which was an honor.

Some other potentially neat things in the works? There were some suits there for non-music-related things who started talking to me about the obvious jazz and blues influences on our playing styles and I like it when I seem to have bamboozled people over 30 that I'm any good! :-P

Next is RECORDING gah this week is going to be crazy.


Kataomoi said...

You make it sound like they were there doing census reports or scouts at a baseball game, wtf, lol. And that's weird Yomi was there. Atleast it is to me. Those guys should be out being awesome and major and RIIICH--it seems so out of place they're at a vk show, but then again, probably like visiting an alma mater or the likes. Stay genki, you will survive this next week. :D You have to because your blogspot is all spiffy and whatnot.

liath said...

Chin-chin Jimi darling! *raises glass to your efforts* You'll get through the recording no probs. Awesome that Yomi was there.....Nightmare are Boxx sounds I'm assuming if they'd only sort out their sound and lighting issues they'd be perfect.

ken said...

I was under the impression that bands recorded singles several months prior to their actual release so that the song could pass through the hands of all the production and mastering people and the cover art could be designed, cds could be burned and packaged and shipped, etc.

"Praprat" is due in Sept, right? How, dude?

Jinx☆ said...

"Away" game. That's a great way to think of it actually. I wish I thought of that when I was in bands. LOL. We just had "our" venues and the venues you played for the sole sake of getting in front of new faces. Sounds like the show went well. I'm happy to hear that. :)

An ani mouse said...

Positive vibes bro. You'll do absolutely fine.

Arithmetica said...

Exciting! Can't wait to get my grubby paws on it!

kerii said...

Hang in there and survive recording and the obnoxious summer heat! "In My Dream" is a fascinating track, so I look forward to hearing Praparat! And please do a show in Kansai again someday soon!