Sunday, August 23, 2009

Studios 1, 2, 3ish

Last time we recorded "In My Dream", I recorded straight through my Sansamp. Also, on the whole, the recording process was difficult and left a slightly bad taste in my mouth. So I sort of had this idea that I don't enjoy recording. But now that we're recording the songs for Praparat, I find myself enjoying it actually.

We're not using Masami or Shota for drums this time; Okachin has drummed for a lot of people, most notably a particularly Kamen Rider and Gundam-obsessed singer. :-* He was great. It took a bit long, and admittedly that's because we didn't do as much pre-pro as we should have, but he did his own thing, asked for feedback, and did most of the stuff we asked him to do and was able to tell us what wouldn't work. It was surprisingly easy.

As for bass, I was able to do both songs in an hour. All in all it was painless compared to In My Dream, but that's probably because we're far more used to these songs. I made a basic sound through Sansamp and laid down the bass.

Then I went to Music Station, and came back.

Day 2 started with me running the bass tracks through an Acoustic head. There were a few bass amps to choose from but when I saw they had an Acoustic I knew I wanted that. I only have one bass, but with these two songs, it would have been nice to have, say, a J-bass and a fretless for certain sections. Still, I was able to emulate those sounds surprisingly well. To make a sort of garage-y picked J-bass tone, I also went through a Boss Blues Driver modified by Weed.

Then we laid down the majority of Schwarz's guitars, and at the end of the night/early morning, Joe put down the acoustic guitar parts. I wish I was more well-versed in guitar amps and stuff or I'd love to tell you guys what we used, but lots of different guitars are also coming in and out of play here and yeah.

Today we started with Tenten's vocals on Praparat, and I am really quite pleased with what he did here tonight. He sang my usual chorus parts for better blending purposes as I worked them out on keyboards and we added some other vocal bits that worked quite well.

Now Schwarz is finishing up some other stuff, and most likely Joe is going in with his parts soon. Tomorrow will be mostly mixing or taking any little bits we couldn't finish today if any, and then mastering, and then hey when do i get to sleep at all seriously


liath said...

I'm so proud of you right now!
And I can't wait 'til you Youtube the M-S performance:)

You guys nabbed G-You-Know-Who-AKA-Satan-Sama's stand in drummer????!!!!
*awesome awesome*

go said...

i am eager to see if you pulled the "i don't speak japanese" gag on Tamori-san. :)

and that is so cool that you did MS!