Sunday, August 09, 2009


It is RAINING and LIGHTNINGING super hard and basically God is pretty mad probably at something you did.

I was Skyping with my parents, wanted to go out shopping for some food, took one step outside, got pummeled by sky bullets, and gave up. No way. No. Way.

Rain in the summer is pretty nice actually. This is just... a bit much.

Also, no weather outlets are giving me any information on this storm. They insist we are merely 'cloudy'. I insist they are merely 'severely stupid'.


Nemo said...

Did you feel the earthquake too? (around 8)

Mea culpa. I flushed a dead goldfish down the toilet. :(

Lemon said...

I'm so jealous.

Go said...

I once had to return some library books (and get some more) and the day they were due, a typhoon was hitting tokyo. i was bored as hell (no computer, no internet, just a 13" tv with lousy reception and a couple X Japan CDs & VHSs, and some rock mags i couldn't read) so i ventured out...

lost my umbrella within before i'd even gone a block, and was drenched seconds later.

there was a beer machine (and not much else) near my 6-mat apartment, so i gave up on the library, got a few large cans o' Kirin, and headed back my cell, whereupon i drank and drank and tried learning some solos of songs i'd never heard of from the tab in the rock mags.


Oh! ANd no cell phones then either -- just a wall phone that cost like $50/mo and $1/min to call anywhere (or something ridiculous like that)

Go said...

ps - Jasmine You apparently died? :(

Anonymous said...