Friday, August 28, 2009


Grrrrrr when we were in the studio i found the music station performance on youtube and meant to put it up here but now i cant find it at all graaaaaaaahhhh

Yesterday's Cyber performance was pretty bad but the crowd seemed into it. Other than Misa from Babylon asking my manager "Is that Jimi guy half or something?", it was fairly uneventful. He is real nice though.

I'm still really tired; I have the weekend to try to FIX THIS though.

I bought a baseball cap yesterday, the first I have ever bought on my own volition and worn.

I'm looking for music/bands that sing in English that have memorable, ear-wormy vocal melodies. So, since none of you have ever steered me wrong yet, if you'd be so kind to help a brother out, I would be eternally grateful.


cryptomayhem said...

Have you ever checked out Anubis Gate? They're a power/prog metal band. While the vocal melodies aren't super complex, I can never get one of their songs outta my head when they pop up on my rotation. I recommend "Dodecahedron" and "Yiri" off of their new-ish album "The Detached." AND GET SOME SLEEP.

Lisa said...

Misa seems like a really cool guy. I like that he has his own style. Good guitarist too.

One US band I like a lot now is ManMan. They're a little off-kilter and don't fit into a genre particularly, but their musicianship is amazing and their melodies are brilliant. Everyone in the band plays multiple instruments. They're great live too - it's not a concert so much as a crazy jam session with an audience. My favorite songs are "White Rice, Brown Heart" and "Van Helsing Boom Box", but really anything they do is quality stuff.

liath said...

Newton Faulkner, the album 'hand built by robots' might hit the spot???? I don't know how eclectic your tastes are though but you should be able to encounter him on Youtube and see how it goes. He can also belt out a hilarious Sponge-bob Square-pants theme tune rendition when requested to by concert-goers.

liath said...

Forgot to mention...if Youtube-ing him, he has an official Y-T channel that's where all the PV's and good quality vids are. It'' be the first hit on a search using his name.

SeanY said...

check out emarosa, dance gavin dance, andd jonny craig.
Jonny Craig is one hell of a singer

Silv said...

Dredg. Amazing SF-based Alt-Progressive Rock. I've followed them nonstop for years. Their newest album isn't as good but it still has some real gems to it.

Anonymous said...

Ah! so Misa from Babylon is real nice... too bad he's such a small figure in the VK scene, huh?