Sunday, March 29, 2009

Design session, also food

I was at Michika's yesterday. She's the designer of Vanilla Edge, and she treats Chemical Pictures and others as her children. I have no family here, so I am only too happy to think of her as mom!

First we watched me on TV. Then she cooked TONS for me, Joe showed up, Yumeji (ex-Mello, Rhyolite) helped me make the songs I wrote more CP-friendly while still retaining their Jimi-ness, and Michika's husband Nao played some seriously sexy licks and let me play his fretless bass. Lovely.

But the whole point was some design discussion, and I can't wait to see how she carries out my image.

I am being actively, fiercely helped, protected, encouraged by Tenten, Schwarz, Joe, Masami, Michika, and I am so lucky and thankful.

Gaaaah April is just DEAD SPACE I want it to be May! May is when things start goin' down.

also definitely some crazy surprises coming up i think yeah


Emille said...

:O~it all looks so delicious!
On your friend Yumeji's ex-band Rhyolite, it broke up so quickly T_T...I really enjoyed their ex-singer Shin (?)'s ex-band akihabara shounendan dennou romeo, and was looking forward to hearing something from them.
I'm so glad you've found great support in people. It's so interesting to read your blog, it's like a window☆
Can't wait to see how your costumes turn out

cryptomayhem said...

Yah, my wife and I are trying hard to get through April, too... we can't wait to get back to Japan! Also, how does your writing differ from CP's?

Go said...

early april is cherry blosson time! go relax and hang out in a park with some pretties! :)

Elec said...

Emille: It WAS delicious! :D
Thanks for reading. ^_^ I should have been clearer, though; she's not the costume designer. ^_^;;

Crypto: Despite spending 1/3 of my life being surrounded by Japanese popular music aesthetics, I still have a very distinctly "American" sound to what I write. I'm definitely influenced a lot by late '90s alternative, I guess, like Toad the Wet Sprocket but a little funkier. So yeah. Semi-funky alt-country?

Go: Good point! I forgot that women existed for a second there! Seriously! O_o Luckily I have met some ladies not connected with band stuff so they'll be perfect to go chill in your nice spot in Shimokitazawa! ^_~

Ezra said...

Well hey, I'm glad you're finding your niche. I can't wait to hear an official CP release, because that's gonna be fucking sweet, from what I've heard from you. Also, congrats on getting on FUJI TV. You look like you're just having fun over all.

sneakglove said...

You have such an exciting life, but if April is dead then use it to recharge the batteries ready for May.