Monday, March 23, 2009

the things you find

Check out what I found in the dumpster behind our studio when I went outside to take a call about cool stuff coming up!


Unknown said...

Kinda makes you wonder why they held onto the box so long.

Anonymous said...

The question is ..does it still work?

(Or....was it in fact just an empty box?)

word verification today: 'angsts'
Is that actually a word...plural of 'angst' maybe?

Elec said...

Here's the crazy thing: the thing was actually still inside!

Might fetch a decent penny in Akihabara, but the problem is, the box was grody and really how many games was this peripheral even compatible with?? And were they any good???

And then I just remember Duck Hunt and that dog I wanted to beat the pixelated stuffing out of.

Anonymous said...

I had that thing. It was awesome. Even when considering that the sensor mechanism always failed just enough so that your actual shots hit like 4 inches to the left of where you were aiming. We learned to adjust, and it was still awesome. The game it came with was called 'Super Scope 6' and had 6 mini puzzle games on it. That was pretty cool, but then I had this game where you were a giant mech and had to kill other giant mechs, and that game was incredibly sweet.

Anonymous said...

@Marius- BATTLE CLASH!!! :D

The super scope was a total failure of a peripheral; other than the pack in demo, there were maybe 3 games made for it.

Looks like an awesome 90s plastic bazooka though, and for that alone, I'd deem it worth keeping.

Anonymous said...

@ken -
I just looked it up and the one I had was actually the sequel to Battle Clash. "Metal Combat."

Apparently it was terribly unpopular, but man I loved it.

Iris said...

so did you take it home?
(this is decadent_irises from scape. lol)

Unknown said...

That's SUPER. XD

Anonymous said...

Shit son! That'll sell like hotcakes on eBay I bet!

Also, I don't know if a Super Famicom version of Duck Hunt was ever made; I think you're thinking of the old NES pistol.

Anonymous said...

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Klisk said...

I still have my Superscope. XD Cool stuff.

Even the Japanese version, I don't think it honestly fetches much on ebay. Maybe 15 dollars, even boxed, if ended listings are any indication. Not really sure what the hype about something collecting dust in most people's basement is all about.