Saturday, March 07, 2009

To clarify

The shoot was actually pretty fun, the more I think back on it... it was just bookended by roughness at the time.

Regarding the members of Chemical Pictures that some of you guessed, everyone's been pretty far off the mark so far, although someone mentioned Gossip and that was close. Wrong member though. :-* (Also, Guitar #1 has never done Visual before so you can ignore him for now!)

Tommy sent me her two best-of albums, and some of these songs are really, really, really good! I wonder how I managed to go so long without really being aware of this stuff. I went back to my entry where a lot of you made suggestions and sure enough those turned out to be the songs I thought were really good too. Good work, lads 'n' ladies!

M'kay, I'm off to go shopping in Shimokitazawa today! We take photos on Monday soooo look forward to all that! :D


Anonymous said...

It's gotta be Kaname - ex. gossip/my bacteria heat island. (that was ten tens project, so it makes sense)

Their other guitarist is in administrator now.

So that is my guess! d(´▽`)b

Anonymous said...


I didn't see that someone guessed that it was Kaname.

however... im 99.99999% sure I figured it out!

It's Masami from gossip!!!

I go to his AMEBA and he posted that same picture you did, so that kind of gave it away! haha

Kaname was a good guess seeing as he does have connections with tenten.

Elec said...

Hey, you guessed it! :D

So me, Tenten, Masami, Guitar#1 who I give y'all a free pass on, and one more. :3

pair dog said...

Glad you liked Tommy's stuff :D

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Tommy is such a good woman. I got those albums last week. They are huge!

Good to know her work is growing on you.

Anonymous said...

I have spent hours trying to figure out who the drummer is!

(I was home sick, and really bored today haha)

I have searched every where I can possibly look to try to find who it is, but I just can't figure it out yet! Maybe it is someone who I looked up, but I just don't think it's them.

I don't know if I will ever guess, unless I happen to go on someones blog that posts a picture like Masami did! (^_−)☆

do we get any hints?

I don't think it is anyone that was in the previous line up for My bacteria heat island, or beni, cause people already guessed them I think.

Maybe it will be a total surprise.