Friday, March 27, 2009

I Kill My Heart

The readers of Rock Japan Elec-tric are the best readers out of any readers who have ever read anything. They are clairvoyant, they are Internet Encyclopedia Browns, and they support me no matter what, which is actually kind of insane of them and they should really get checked out. :-*

That said, you're right about the TV appearance, so let's give some details:

3/28 (Sat)
Fuji TV, channel 8, 6pm
"Music Fair"
I will be playing guitar during Tommy Heavenly6's performance.
I probably won't pop up too much during those 3 minutes, but it's something.

Also, apparently this is the cover and promo shot for the new album:



Once again, thanks to Sneakglove for finding this stuff out way before I'm told anything! Sneakglove should be my publicist.


Kataomoi said...

Holy crap, awesome!! I look forward to nagging around the intarwebz to snag the file of the performance. I've never seen any of her performances on music fillintheblanks shows before so this should be wonderful!

Laine said...

Jimi I thought you were a woman. xD

sneakglove said...

Publicist? Ok, but only if I get my own penthouse flat in Tokyo and get to come with you to all your Tommy activities. Get someone to sort out the contract and I will give it a look over ;)

Btw, you all look great. It reminds me of The New York Dolls meets Blondie.

So Jimi, are you now officially part of Tommy heavenly6's backing band or something? I mean she must like you alot, because she has had a lot of (fake?!?!) backing band members in the past, but never stuck with one person as long as she has with you.

And come on, I know you probably carn't answer this question, but give us a clue, can she actually play guitar? ;)

Asari said...

Jimi you look absolutely drop-dead amazing on that cover ^3^! And Tommy heavenly6 should seriously start worrying because you make her quite a competition regarding the looks. I hope somebody records your performance, I'm eager to see it.

Keep up the great work!

Marius said...

You deserve the support. You're a really cool dude, and like the nicest guy in the world.

BiZhu said...

You're my hero. Will definitely try to see this.

cryptomayhem said...

Uhhh.... you're hotter than Tommy... that kinda creeps me out... and kind turns me on... >.>

ghitgo said...

What's your secret with being liked by Tommy so much? I need to know in case I ever meet her. :)

Go said...

[calls sister-in-law to make sure she DVRs it!]

Lemon said...

Jimi, you are easily the best at drag out of anyone in these pictures!

namika said...

you look great blond! Just need to remember to get up before 9am to catch this on Keyholes live feed ^___^

Question did you get to meet any of the other guest like Perfume Koda Kumi etc or did they just keep to them selves?

Alex said...

Haha, I really like those pictures. The style is just superb and something I just never expected of Tommy.

Sneakglove would make a good publicist. He is thorough when he puts his mind to something. Covers all the angles and all that.

Good luck dude; I hope I am able to catch this performance sometime.

Elec said...

Thanks guys!

Laine: I do what I can. :-*

Sneakglove: um.....ur fired :-*
Haha, that's a good way to put it! ^_^

I don't think there's anything "official" about it; she just seems to like using me.

And I'm surprised that it's not more obvious to people whether she can really play or not!! :-P

Marius i miss you

ghitgo: my secret: Platinum Egoiste by Chanel

Go: NO D:

namika: Joe really wanted me to say hello to Perfume but they filmed us in waves and our paths never crossed. Which I'm fine with; if I'm gonna meet these people I'd like to do it in my OWN hair and makeup. :-*

Anonymous said...

That's just too awesome..

sneakglove said...

Well that didn't last long...oh well, back to the grindstone here in Blighty.

Haha, well it is kinda obvious Elec, but less so since it was 100% obvious in the Swear PV back in 2003. Her husband is a guitarist, so I thought she would be getting lessons or something.

dustin said...

I always wondered something, did Tommy ever learn to play guitar? In her earlier vids it was pretty apparent she wasn't.

But now she's holding a Les Paul, and that be some serious business. :p