Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vidja Gaems

Is anyone else playing Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, because it is seriously fun and hard but in a good way, not like R.Mika, that jerk.

In fact, R.Mika, why do you suck so bad? Why do you have command throws with precarious timing and terrible range? And why, if I somehow whiff those command throws, do you assume that I meant to do your half-circle-back moves, which are terrible and leave you open to attack even if you connect? Why do you have so few frames of invisibility? Why is your normal moveset a confusing mess? Why do your super combos do piddly damage despite the fact that you are slamming someone into the ground after jumping off a turnbuckle? Why are all your super combos so awkward anyway? Why do your crouching attacks make you invulnerable on purpose? In fact, why does every single movement you make include some horrifically self-punishing window of opportunity? You are the worst. Praise the lord that you've never appeared in any other fighting game. Stay away. No one likes you. If they do they are jerks too so go live in jerkyjerkland together, ya jerks.

(i am pretty addicted to street fighter alpha 3 on commutes to work (´・ω・’))


zytroop said...

but she attacks wih her BUTT

cryptomayhem said...

Yah... but watching the V-ism flying peach combo is mildly hilarious. :P

lovershigh said...

the new street fighter 4 game is awesome you should try that one!

Elec said...

zytroop: she also frequently misses these butt attacks

crypto: yeah, if it connects! :D

lovershigh: 4 owns, crimson viper owns, i want 5 of her

we are prototype said...

WHAAAT? SFVI is garbaaaaaaaage. I can't believe what Capcom did to it. They made it completely noob accessible, and more reliant on spamming special moves than actually fighting. :\ But if you like Viper you should really just play King of Fighters, since Viper is like a poor man's Terry Bogard!

But SFA3, now that's a fighting game. ;D I prefer Guy in Alpha.

Elec said...


you are the wrongest wrong guy ever

IV ain't my favorite but I think it's good to have an accessible fighter. Tekken is on the opposite extreme of easy button-mashing, and BlazBlue is so technical even most otakus get douchechills.

if i like viper i will keep playing viper because snk fighters play like poop, with a joystick made a poop and also buttons also made of poop :)

(just kidding i just suck really hard at SNK games)