Tuesday, March 10, 2009



It is my pleasure to present to you the other members of Chemical Pictures.

Of course, you know Tenten...


Guitarist #1 is Schwarz (name subject to change), who helped out Tenten in the past with his solo stuff.


Guitarist #2 is Joe, formerly of SugarTrip.


Masami (ex-Gossip) is doing support for the time being, and we're working on a transition. But best to hit the ground running like this. :)

I can't wait to show the shots!


nook said...

Woohoo! I'll be looking forward to the photos!

Lemon said...

Great shots Jimi! Looking forward to Chemical Pictures!

Xio said...

Yay!! I missed Joe!

Asari said...

You look excellent in the first pic. The band members also look pretty good (though I don't know why Joe looks a bit intimidating).
I'm very curious about your music and I hope you'll put some samples up on your homepage (though the BGM is pretty good, I suppose it's your band's music ^_^).
Good luck! Keep up the good work!

cryptomayhem said...

Hooray for progress! Can't wait to see the photoshoot!

Liathchan said...

Wow.JUST.... WOW. Jimi Honey you look Shaaaarp in a waistcoat. It's one of my 'thangs' waistcoats and ties.....*sighs in contentment*
I'm loving the whole vintage-y Edwardian chic thing you're doing with the cravat pin on the lapel. Very elegant hair too....
Can't wait to hear the *********muuusssiiiccc*********

zytroop said...

I just can't wait to hear some tunes! Joe looks intimidating

Anonymous said...

You all look awesome! Definitely. And ex-SugarTrip?! That's impressive~

How did Tenten get together with all of you guys anyway?

We're all excited to hear something!

Faith said...

Looking sharp, sir. And like zytroop and inartistic said, we're all eager to tag some music onto your rehearsal photos.

Did you get to do any composing for CP?

Anonymous said...

You all look great! Looking forward to some music! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi jimi!
my name is haruky...you most likely have NO idea who I am...but I kinda just wanted to say how lucky you are to be working with Tenten.
he's my biggest idol. KuRt is and always will be my life.Please tell him I love him (T___T)
btw you can catch me on Livejournal
I really would appreciate it.