Sunday, March 08, 2009


When I update from my keitai I forget to put a subject. D:

Shimokita's vibe IS super chill, and I love how it's never really crowded. The shopping is great in all price ranges and diverse styles.

But in the Japanese consciousness it does sort of have a hipster thing going on. The area isn't particularly clean, although in a way that arguably adds to its charm. Usually when I've gone the buskers have been pretty unique and interesting; I once saw an really cool acoustic duo with one guy on a cajon, who somehow managed to make Sublime tunes even MORE funky, and called out to me and we chatted for awhile. Others do crafts or other performances and it really adds to the friendly character of the area.

But yesterdays buskers were terrible! One guitar/bass combo whose off-tune caterwauling could be heard from the other side of the station, and another man doing calligraphy, writing overwrought phrases on paper: when his crowd began to dwindle, he dipped his hair and face into the ink and tried it that way. His crowd dwindled further, and now he has ink in his face and hair.

I didn't mean to imply in my last post that I didn't like the place, so sorry! Since yesterday I was sort of on business, it was a lot more calming to be shopping there as opposed to trying my luck in the 'Buk or the two 'Juk's or the 'Buya. I particularly like the GGD there.

Also there were tons of cafes and pubs and bars and the like and if I'd been with someone I woulda checked out a few of 'em but I was alone and didn't want to look pathetic. :(

Today was a good rehearsal, compared to the one I had to rush to after work after having not slept after the long, long film shoot. We're STILL changing bits of the songs, and I'm overjoyed that we always nail it the first time we try it, and then never forget after that. These guys are serious. For every idea Tenten suggests that doesn't work, he has a couple that just make us wonder why we'd never thought of that. Lovin' these guys. Tomorrow's the photoshoot!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that mostly everything's going well! Good luck on your photoshoot tomorrow and go kick ass out there for me!!

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I feel that's a good sign. Ya know, flume. It's... flumey. o.O;;;

Go said...

ahh i'm totally stelaing "'Buk, the two Juk's, and 'Buya" from you... and the dunk-my-face-and-hair-in-ink idea from street performer (which sound slike it woulda been cool if it were on tv, but too dangerlously clothes-stainy in person...)

Anonymous said...

Good luck for tomorrow Jimi, You will all be awesome :)
Can't wait to see the photos!